The Endurance

In March 2022 the wreck of Shackleton's ship, The Endurance, was found in the Antarctic after decades of theories, failed missions and more conjecture. The story of the original expedition has always enthralled me. I was delighted when the BFI gave me permission to use and edit original footage to accompany my song about the Endurance22 expedition.

Let The Wind Carry Me

This is the story of a family - partly mine, but others' too. My grandfather Louis Mindel left Danilovich, in the region of Vilnius , early in the 20th century. He came to London to find work that would earn passage for the rest of the family. By 1916, Lou was in the Royal Flying Corps, then lived a simple life as a tailor and a travelling salesman. This song plays tribute to him, and people like him, who make sacrifices for themselves and their families. 

Thanks to film-maker Elspeth Graham whose professional debut this is.  You can find more about her work at

Okarito Ways

Okarito Ways celebrates Ōkārito Lagoon, which - with its associated waterways - connects the Southern Alps of the West Coast of New Zealand to the Tasman Sea.  

There, perched on a sandspit lies a place that has literally stood the test of time. Ōkārito Lagoon is the largest surviving unmodified wetlands in New Zealand.  

I teamed up with Ōkārito conservationists Paula Sheridan and Swade Finch to tell the story of a day in this beautiful place. 

Whisper The World Away


This is my first collaboration with Italian producer, Matteo Galesi, and starts the exploration of bringing together the band that plays on Ōkārito Ways, on Let The Wind Carry Me - and on the album 'Still', released late in 2022.

Be Careful How You Go

A song from the album Love in Troubled Times, made in lockdown. Many of us lost someone we knew - maybe close to us - during that terrible time.

Thanks to Joel Goldberg who edited film my father Jimmy took of our family in the 50's: though he only appears fleetingly, he's there behind the camera with the love he had for me, for my sister and my mother.